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Custom Soft PVC Keyrings: All You Need To Know

Custom Soft PVC Keyrings

Custom Soft PVC keyrings are one of the best ways to promote your brand or event. They are popular because they’re affordable, versatile and durable. Soft PVC keyrings have a rubber logo on them that will not wear off like traditional metal ones with a logo do over time. This article is all about custom soft PVC keyrings so you can find out everything you need to know before ordering them for yourself!

What are Custom Soft PVC Keyrings?

As mentioned, custom soft PVC Keyrings are affordable, versatile and durable keyrings with a rubber logo. They are also waterproof, flexible, and somewhat playful. You can design your custom soft PVC keyrings with a rubber logo in any shape or size you want.

History of Custom Soft PVC Keyrings

Custom Soft PVC keyrings are not a new thing. They were first created in the 1950s when people wanted to create rubberized plastic products that would last longer than their metal counterparts.

By 1960, custom soft PVC keyrings became popular and now they’re used throughout marketing campaigns and promotions across the world by major brands like Nike, Ameriprise, and Google.

Benefits of Custom Soft PVC Keyrings

#1 Custom Soft PVC keyrings are cheaper than metal ones.

Because they are made of rubber, custom PVC keyrings can be produced in bulk and don’t require the same costly metal moulding process which means that they are affordable to produce for a larger audience.

In contrast, traditional metal keyrings with rubber logos can cost up to $200 per thousand units. This is because of the high upfront cost of custom moulding, and the high cost of materials.

#2 They’re also lightweight.

This is great if you need to wear them every day! One of the thing that discourages people from getting keyrings is that they may become a hassle to bring because of the bulky weight. Custom soft PVC keyrings are nothing like that! They are made of lightweight rubber. That makes them fashionable, useful and lightweight.

#3 They’re durable.

Custom PVC keyrings are known to be more durable than their metal counterparts. That’s because they are made of rubber.

It’s not just the material that makes them durable, but also how they were manufactured and what type of rubber it is. Rubber keyrings will always be more durable than metal ones because custom PVC keyrings are moulded to your logo and design with any colour you want – unlike traditional metal versions which have

#4 They’re full of personality.

– They’re a great way to promote your interest and attract people with similar interests. You can put your favourite colour and your favourite aesthetic. You can also put the logo of your favourite sports or your favourite show. You’re sure to attract people who follow the same sports team or show. Say goodbye to awkward social gatherings, because you’ll finally have a great conversation starter. Through custom PVC keyrings, you can express a thousand words without really saying a thing.

Custom Soft PVC Keyrings


#5 They’re great ways to promote your business

Custom PVC keyrings can promote your business or event through their rubber logo design because they are affordable to produce in bulk quantities for a larger audience. They’re also durable which means that you won’t have to worry about people losing them. Just finalize your brand logo or tagline, and put them as the designs of your custom PVC keyrings.

#6 They are waterproof.

Because they are waterproof, you don’t need to worry about them being ruined by the rain or a sweaty hand. These custom soft PVC keyrings are also made to be durable, so they won’t absorb water and start to deteriorate

#7 They can compliment your style

Because they’ve got a lot of personality in them, custom PVC keyrings can complement your already amazing get-up. Mix and match the colours of the key rings with the colour of your outfit, and match the design of the keyring to the mood of your clothing. These custom PVC keyrings are a great way to make a fashion statement.

#8 They make great gifts.

Custom PVC keyrings are so cute that they make great gifts for loved ones. They’re known to be thoughtful and personalized gifts, and you can match the designs to the personality of your receiver. They’re sure to love it! They are also great for commemorating anniversaries, dates, birthdays and holidays!

#9 Use them to be proud of your school or company.

It’s always good to show off your school or company pride, and custom PVC keyrings are a great way for you to do it. You can use them as giveaways at events like graduations! Or you can simply put your company or school logo on these key rings, and wear them whenever you go shopping or eating out with friends.

#10 They can help set your bag apart from others.

Some bags look alike, and when you’re in the locker room or any crowded room, having a common bag increases your risk of grabbing the wrong one. Custom PVC keyrings can help set your bag apart from others.

#11 They are easier to install on the carabiner.

If you’re always on the go and constantly changing things up, these custom PVC keyrings eliminate that frustration. They are easy to install onto a carabiner or even belt loop so they can be with you wherever you need them!

How to properly wash your Custom Soft PVC Keyrings

– You can put them in the dishwasher. Just remember that you should only do this monthly as not doing so will cause wear and tear on the custom PVC keyring‘s waterproof coating! It is recommended that you handwash it instead, which means use warm soapy water and clean them thoroughly!

Are you ready to take advantage of these amazing custom soft PVC keyrings or rubber keyrings? If your answer is yes, then send us a message today!

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