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Custom Metal Keyrings: Benefits and Design Tips

custom metal keyrings

Are you looking to design a custom metal keyring for your business or event? Custom metal keyrings are an excellent way to promote your brand and provide customers with something that they will remember. These days, many businesses have started offering custom metal keyrings as a way to stand out from the crowd. Check out these helpful tips on how you can make them even more effective! 

What are  Custom Metal Keyrings

Like any keyring or key chain, custom metal keyrings are small rings to which you can attach several keys. Custom metal keyrings can make a thoughtful gift item when you personalize the design.

They also make perfect promotional items when you attach your brand logo or brand tagline and other identity markers of your brand on its design.

Custom metal keyrings can be made from a number of materials. Examples of these materials are steel, aluminium or brass. Depending on the material you choose, custom keyrings can be made durable enough to last for years. Hence, custom metal keyrings can be made both strong and attractive.

What are the Benefits of Custom Metal Keyrings

What can you do with keyrings? If you’re asking this very same question, then you better head on reading the list below. We’ll explore a whole bunch of them.

Great at promoting your business.

Are you looking for a creative way to promote your business? Custom metal keyrings are the way!  Custom keyrings are the perfect items to give out in exchange for that new customer’s contact information. The best part is since the item will have your brand logo, if they use your custom metal keyrings daily, they will be reminded of it every day.

Thoughtful Gifts to Loved Ones

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for a loved one, then custom metal keyrings might just be perfect. You can add designs like the logo of their favourite show or sports team. They’ll surely appreciate the amount of thought you put into this gift.

Awesome Gifts to Show Appreciation to Employees

Having a team outing, or a holiday party with your team? Then, give them gifts. It could be a small token of appreciation for all their hard work. They’ll love showing off the logo as part of their pride for working in the company. 

Tips for Designing Custom Metal Keyrings

If you’re ready to grab your very own custom keyrings, please read the guide and design inspirations below. At the end of this article, you’ll be able to find the perfect design for you. 

 What’s the occasion?

The number one thing you should look at when designing your custom made metal keyrings is the occasion. If it’s a birthday, then the design should highlight the personality of the birthday celebrant. It can be their favourite quote or logo of their favourite movie franchise. If it’s for brand promotion, then add your logo in there.

Choose a metal type you like.

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can pick the ideal metal for your custom metal keyrings. Here’s a simple guide to give inspiration to you.

Brass –  Brass is perfect for those who want a more natural metal keyring.

Steel – Steel is known for its durability and is perfect for people who go through a lot of keys.

Aluminium – Because Aluminium is lighter than steel, it’s perfect for those looking for a lighter keyring.

Add a text or image of your choice.

One of the best things to do is add a text or image that you want. If it’s for promotional purposes, then make sure you include your logo and brand tagline in there. But if it’s for gift purposes or a memento, you can add a special message. If it’s for weddings, you can even engrave the wedding date. 

Keep it simple.

Are you looking for a more elegant feel for your custom keyrings? Then, keep the design clean and simple. It’s perfect if you want people to focus on your design instead of getting distracted by a cluttered background or crowded design.

Print on both sides.

A common mistake done is only printing on one side. When we attach a keyring to our bags, it has the tendency of flipping. It feels dull to see that the other side doesn’t have the design. So make sure both sides are printed on.

Stick with a few colours

Using too many colours is usually a bad idea. It might end up looking like the design was thrown together in no time and it will be hard to read certain words. Stick with two or three colours max!

Ask a second opinion

If you’re not sure about your design, or having second doubts before finalizing, talk to an artistic friend. If you’re a business, ask for the professional advice of your design team.

Determine its size.

The size of the keyring will depend on how many keys you have and what type. Generally, a medium-sized one can hold about 15 to 20 keys while a big one should be able to hold up to 30 keys or more.

Determine the shape.

A custom metal keyring can fit the shape of your logo. Hence, if it’s a square, then the metal keyring design will be cut into a square as well. However, you also have an option of putting a traditional circle, and just engraving your design inside that circle.

Both works depending on your preferences, but having the metal keyring take a unique shape apart from a circle can make it stand out more.

Looking for custom metal keyrings?

If you’re looking for custom metal keyrings, please head on to this page right here to enquire or make an order! We make custom keyrings of many sizes and designs. Use the guide above and we’ll help you make the perfect custom metal keyrings for your needs.

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