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Popular Designs For Your Custom Made Keyrings

custom made keyrings

We all need a keyring. Maybe you go to the gym every day and don’t want your keys in your pocket, or maybe you’re just tired of them always getting lost. Well now is your chance to get custom made keyrings! You can have any image printed on it that you like and personalize it however way you see fit! This blog post will outline some popular designs for customised keyrings!

Why Get Custom Made Keyrings?

There are many benefits to getting custom made keyrings. Read the list below to discover some of these advantages:

  1. You get to choose your own design.
  2. The keyrings can be personalized with any design, special message or date.
  3. It is an excellent gift for someone you care about.

4.They’re great promotional tools and giveaway items for your brand.

5.They’re great conversation starters.

Popular Designs For Custom Made Keyrings

Are you confused about which custom made keyrings are the right fit for you? Then, please read some of the popular designs below. You might get inspiration and be able to decide which custom made keyring is the perfect one for you.

Custom Made Metal Keyrings

custom made keyrings

If you’re looking for the most popular option for customised keyrings, then opt for the metal ones. Custom-made metal keyrings can be moulded into any shape and style. They can be embossed, printed, enamel filled or 3D. They’re great if you’re looking for stunning premium keyrings that are durable and can last for the long term.

Custom Soft PVC Keyrings


Custom Soft PVC Keyrings are perfect for people looking for waterproof, flexible, lightweight, vibrant and durable keyrings. They are made from high-quality PVC plastic which is anti-oxidation, and they’re available in a wide range of colours.

Custom Silicone Keyrings

If you want customised keyrings that are also waterproof, then silicone keyrings might be the perfect choice for you. They offer bright colour schemes to suit any personality or company logo.

Custom Bottle Opener Keyrings


Nothing beats useful and practical customised keyrings. Custom bottle opener keyrings are handy and perfect for office parties and special occasions.

Embroidered Patch Keyrings


Do you need a classic and styling keyring for your brand? Embroidered patch keyrings are embroidered on both sides. They offer a wide variety of bold colours and style options. Also hey are perfect for those looking for textured, raised, and stylish colourful items that are light and easy to carry around.

Glass or Plastic Brand Logo Keyrings

Are you a fan of certain brands? Perhaps, you’d like to feature your own brand logo on keyrings and turn them into useful and memorable giveaways. Glass or plastic brand logo keyrings are the perfect customised keyrings for you. All you need to do is to print the design on glass or plastic and carve fit the shape of the logo.

Couple Keyrings

Couple keyrings are the cutest keyrings of all the designs on this list. They are always made in pairs with a heat cut in two. On the left side, you’ll see your partner’s face or name, and on the right side, you’ll see yours. They’re great keyrings to remember your partner wherever you go. Also they’re also great souvenirs for couples in a long distant relationship.

Keyrings With Personal Information

Is the purpose of your keyring to keep valuables from getting lost? Then, your custom made keyring should be a keyring with personal information. Add your name, your contact number and your address. When people find your item, they’ll know how to contact you. This keyring is then perfect for bags and luggage with valuables inside.

Keyrings with Heartfelt Message

If you’re planning to send the keyring as a gift, then a keyring with a heartfelt message might be the perfect design. Custom made keyrings with a heartfelt message are perfect for anniversaries, birthdays,  mother’s day, father’s day and holidays! Your loved one is surely going to love them.

Picture of Loved Ones

Want to get a keyring with a picture of your loved ones? Consider ordering customised keyrings. This is perfect for when you want to carry around the little moments and special memories you’ve made together. Moreover, this is perfect for a parent who needs to work far from home, for instance, seaman, pilot, flight attendants etc.

Dog Carving

Carve your cute dog’s face as a design for your keyring. If you have a cat, a hamster, a bird, a rabbit or a tiger as a special animal friend, then you can carve their face on the keyring too! They’re sure to lift your spirits wherever you go.

Things to Consider Before Getting Custom Made Keyrings


The design of your keyring will depend on the reason why you’re getting them in the first place. Are they for commemorating a sentimental moment like graduation? Or made as gifts for a special someone? Are they for making sure you don’t lose your things? Get clarity on the purpose before deciding on the design of your keyrings.


Some keyring materials and designs are more expensive than others. For example, keyrings with much finer details or made from expensive materials are more costly compared to simpler ones. Have clarity on how much you’re willing to spend before deciding on the design of your custom keyrings.


Once you’ve covered your purpose and budget for your customised keyrings, then you’re ready to brainstorm about the design. Now that you’ve considered both the purpose and the budget, this step should no longer be difficult. But if you’re still challenged, just take inspiration from the popular designs above! Don’t overthink it. Designing custom made keyrings is supposed to be a fun and creative activity. Also, just trust your instincts.

Grab Your Custom Made Keyrings Here.

In conclusion, getting your own custom keyring is really easy! Get your custom keyrings like custom corporate keyrings here! It’s super simple. Just send us your design and we’ll get it done for you. So start by sending us a message today!

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