Custom Corporate Keyrings Custom Corporate Keyrings Custom Corporate Keyrings Custom Corporate Keyrings Custom Corporate Keyrings


Keyrings are great promotional tools. They are also handy and functional which makes them the perfect giveaway items and gifts at trade shows, open houses, and other corporate events. Moreover, there are a number of types of keyrings, and it is important to know which type suits your purpose and style. Each type has its own unique characteristic that may be more suitable to a certain event, occasion, or person.

So here are the different options to help you get started with creating the perfect custom keyrings for your brand.

Custom Made Metal Keyrings

These are the our most popular custom keyring option. You can have your Custom Metal keyrings in any shape and style (enamel filled, embossed, printed, or 3D). You can turn your brand logos into stunning, premium keyrings that are sure to become conversation starters.

Custom Soft PVC Keyrings

The go-to option for anyone looking for durable, flexible, waterproof, and vibrant corporate keyrings are the custom soft PVC keyrings which can be made in any way you like them. With this option, you are sure to get promotional items that are elegant, stylish, and long lasting.

Custom Bottle Opener Keyrings

If you want to make your brand stand out a super functional promotional item, then the custom bottle opener keyring is the way to go. They are useful, practical and handy; perfect for office parties and special occasions.

Embroidered Patch Keyrings

Custom embroidered patch keyrings are popular among those needing a classic and stylish keyrings for their brands. The patches are embroidered on both sides with a wide array of color and style options. As a result, these keyrings become stylish, colorful items that are light and easy to carry around.

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